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  • Disband all ALEC Task Force groups and do not accept lawmakers as members.
  • Make publicly available online the full archives of all proposed and passed ALEC model legislation, including sponsors.
  • Make publicly available online a comprehensive list of current and past legislative and corporate members.

State Governmental Authorities

State Lawmakers: 

  • Do not associate with ALEC.
  • Disclose current and past affiliations with ALEC. Release public information detailing attendance at ALEC convenings, participation in ALEC Task Forces, and communications with or facilitated by ALEC officials.
  • Amend state open meetings laws to ensure they cover lawmakers’ activities at ALEC meetings.
  • Amend state open records laws permitting public access to information and materials relating to all interactions between ALEC and lawmakers.

Attorneys General

  • Investigate whether ALEC’s lobbying activities violate state laws governing the activities of charitable organizations.

District Attorneys and Prosecutors

  • Use prosecutorial discretion to refuse to criminally prosecute individuals under statutes drawn from ALEC model legislation.

Federal Governmental Authorities

Internal Revenue Service 

  • Investigate whether ALEC’s lobbying activities violate federal laws governing the activities of charitable organizations.

Progressive Lawmakers in the U.S. Congress

  • Hold hearings on the negative and widespread impact of ALEC’s activities on people of color across the U.S., with firsthand testimony from racial justice, Indigenous, and Palestinian rights organizations.
  • Formally inquire into whether the Internal Revenue Service has begun investigating whether ALEC’s lobbying activities violate federal laws governing the activities of charitable organizations.

Private Sector

Journalists and Media Organizations

  • Closely investigate the connections that conservative and pro-corporate state laws have to ALEC’s members, Task Force activities, annual meetings, and model legislation.
  • Track bills across state legislatures that have originated from ALEC model legislation.
  • Cover ALEC convenings, and publish as much information as possible.
  • Utilize public records requests to obtain any internal ALEC documents, communications, and information that are in the public interest to publish.

Financial Supporters of Progressive Activism and Organizing

  • Prioritize funding for organizations fighting corporate capture, with special consideration given to Black, Indigenous, female, queer, and/or immigrant-led organizations that adopt an intersectional critique of corporate capture.  

Public Interest Organizations

Organizers and Movement Groups

  • Continue cross-movement organizing to focus attention on ALEC.
  • Continue pressing state lawmakers to not associate with ALEC.

Progressive Social Justice Organizations 

  • Focus research, advocacy, and legal activities on the impact ALEC has on people of color, beyond just the impacts ALEC’s activities have on democracy and good governance.